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Another snapshot of performance this time from minime (a G4 mini-mac with a Radeon 200 GPU):

image xlib gl
epiphany-20090810 0.0 -94.1 -1777.1
evolution-20090607 0.0 -704.5 -4270.2
evolution-20090618 0.0 -146.2 -3470.6
firefox-20090601 0.0 -142.3 -1326.4
firefox-periodic-table 0.0 -26.2 -819.2
firefox-talos-gfx-20090702 0.0 32.7 -358.7
firefox-talos-svg-20090702 0.0 -49.7 -280.5
firefox-world-map 0.0 -107.9 -1138.3
gnome-terminal-20090601 0.0 20.9 -1374.8
gnome-terminal-20090728 0.0 39.8 -1941.1
poppler-20090811 0.0 -10.7 -1192.6
poppler-bug-12266 0.0 -30.3 -416.5
swfdec-fill-rate 0.0 -50.2 -843.3
swfdec-fill-rate-2xaa 0.0 -45.7 -1569.2
swfdec-fill-rate-4xaa 0.0 -84.0 -1724.1
swfdec-giant-steps 0.0 -18.3 -3232.6
swfdec-youtube 0.0 -14.0 -1100.5

[image] 1.9.2-507-g0136989.image.minime
[xlib] 1.9.2-507-g0136989.xlib.minime

Oh dear, the performance is truly dire.

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    • Matthew W. S. Bell
    • Posted August 27, 2009 at 3:33 pm
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    Any hint on what these arbitrary dimensionless numbers represent?

    • I thought I had describe the tables, apparently I only did so on IRC. The values are the relative performance to the software (cairo-image) backend, expressed as a percentage change. So for the r200, the epiphany trace took 42x and 2x as long as the image backend for the gl and xlib backends respectively. Normalizing the values based on the image backend allows us to compare the relative efficacy of the backends across multiple machines of different classes – and explicitly tests the assumption that using the GPU is faster than the CPU.

  1. This is my system config on an iBook G4. Clutter runs fine with gnome-shell when tried, but even enabling composite extension in Xorg slows down everything. What can be done? I guess waiting for KMS and DRI2 will help.

    Great-looking graphs btw!

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