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My first hands-on with an i965. Running from a live image as I haven’t got a spare hard-drive to dual-boot yet. Aside from that and that cairo-drm on an i965 is completely unaccelerated (so the overhead of this backend is entirely down to buffer management). Caveat lector.

image drm xlib
evolution 0.0 -497.9 -594.1
firefox-planet-gnome 0.0 -157.0 -98.7
firefox-talos-gfx 0.0 -6.1 -139.7
firefox-talos-svg 0.0 -12.0 -105.4
gnome-system-monitor 0.0 -7.9 -9.4
gnome-terminal-vim 0.0 -11.2 -579.6
gvim 0.0 -658.0 -583.7
poppler 0.0 -0.2 -579.0
swfdec-giant-steps 0.0 -13.1 -169.3
swfdec-youtube 0.0 -4.5 -39.1

[image] 1.9.2-457-g3bc00af.image.karmic-alpha4
[drm] 1.9.2-457-g3bc00af.drm.karmic-alpha4
[xlib] 1.9.2-457-g3bc00af.xlib.karmic-alpha4

Hmm, I think there is room for improvement here.

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