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batchbuffer at 0x08ac0000:
0x08ac0000: HEAD 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac0004: 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac0008: 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac000c: 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac0010: 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac0014: 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac0018: 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac001c: 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac0020: 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac0024: 0xff808698: UNKNOWN
0x08ac0028: 0x00484c58: MI_NOOP

Last instruction on ringbuffer:
0x007da9f8: 0x18800080: MI_BATCH_BUFFER_START
0x007da9fc: 0x08ac0001: dword 1
0x007daa00: 0x02000004: MI_FLUSH
0x007daa04: 0x00000000: MI_NOOP

We tried to execute an image surface? How did that happen? Time to go shopping.

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