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As a means to reducing my patch queue and to allow Eric to focus on making GL fast and featureful, I volunteered (some might say was volunteered) to take over maintaining the upstream branches for the i915.ko. At the moment, there are a pair of trees on fd.o for regression fixes [-fixes] and for feature work [-next]. If all goes to plan these should be updated regularly and flow into the drm trees maintained by Dave Airlie. These trees will be used for QA regression testing. We are also discussing the viability of a third tree for proposed patches [-staging] so that we have a single location for QA or bug reporters to pull to test patches and verify fixes before they are merged into the stable trees.



  1. Is it possible for you to update the status matrix of the driver in the xorg wiki so that we might see what features are implemented/missing etc like the AMD devs do it?


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