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Monthly Archives: May 2012

With a couple of embarassing bug fixes and the incremental evolution of the MSAA compositor for the cairo-gl backend, it is almost time for a new bugfix release – just one more bug to squash first.

In the meantime, I looked the performance of an older machine, a Pentium-III mobile processor with an 855gm (a gen2 Intel GPU). It is not a platform known for its high performance…

UXA vs SNA performance on 855gm

Outside of the singularly disappointing performance of the swap happy ocitysmap run, SNA performs adequately delivering performance at least as good as client-side rendering and often better. So even on these old machines we can run current applications fluidly, if not exactly with blistering performance. In contrast, with UXA reasonable performance is the exception rather than rule, with many scenarios where the driver is a CPU hog killing interactivity.